Welcome to the official (don’t let the others fool you) Tina Sicre website.  This is where you can learn more about the music I play and the stories I write.

Feel free to look around, listen to the music, and read the blogs.

If you like shoes, I can already tell we're going to be friends.

This is a living and breathing site, and I am always adding new stuff, so visit me every once in awhile, why don’t ch’ya!

But whatever you do, don’t leave without signing up on my mailing list (in the margin to the right of your screen).  I promise not to harass you — just keep you in the loop on upcoming shows and releases.

Thanks for stopping by,

Tina Sicre

5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Tina, I’m listening to your music on my Ipod so I googled you. Wow! I didn’t know. What u ask? Well almost anything about you. Keep me n the loop for future shows. Would love to go someday. You have my loyal support.


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