Contemporary Romance Writer with a Mellifluous Edge

“Sicre writes about personal issues that others can relate to, often with humor.”

- Bruce Fessier, The Desert Sun

I’ve always been a storyteller.  The combination of my quirky humor along with a need to share the truths and anecdotes behind my songs has always made for a more personal and engaging musical performance, I find.
So, when it comes to writing novels, much like writing songs, I look to entertain people - make them laugh, create a connection, leave them feeling good about the world.  And while I was never really one to write love songs, strangely enough, I find myself caught up in writing love stories.
Currently, I am working on a contemporary romance series revolving around a cast of characters including surfer boys, a fashion designer, a chef, a matchmaker, a landscape architect, a former Olympic gold medalist, military dads, and yes, of course a rocker chick and a romance writer. 
As I dive deeper into these stories, I realize writing novels is a natural progression from my musical journey, and I am pleased to bring these two elements of my creativity together.  In fact, I have written a full soundtrack to accompany my first love story, Stay, which you can experience here.



CARA ROBINS is the little rocker chick with a big voice, big shoes, and big dreams. After years of paying her dues singing in the LA music scene, Cara is finally on the road to fulfilling her lifelong dream of breaking big into the music business. 
Just when she thought she had her future all figured out, an unsuspected distraction in the form of a six-foot-something surfer boy has the potential to derail her carefully choreographed life. 
Unbeknownst to him, DAVID BLAKE has always been Cara’s muse. Growing up, he was much more than just the boy next door – he was the boy of her dreams, and still is.
When David invites Cara into a romance both have been waiting for since high school, they are forced to choose between the exciting adventure Cara’s dream takes them on and David’s comfortably normal life back home in their Southern California beach town.
Can David be the anchor Cara needs to keep her feet on the ground as she rises to the top? Determined to find the right balance, Cara and David struggle with the decision to go separate ways when all they both really want is to Stay.
Enhanced with a twelve song, original soundtrack, Cara’s words and music tell the evolution of their love story “from school boy, to lover, to friend.”