The Living Room Tour

Download my song “Buying A Cake” and help fight breast cancer.

Back when I was touring regularly and living out of my VW bus, I set out on a Living Room Tour.  I played living rooms of all sizes and shapes, with audiences of all walks of life present.   All acoustic, up close and personal, it was incredibly fun.  It made me a better performer, and connected me with people in a way that was unique to, well, having someone serenade you in the comfort of your home.

The best part of the tour, though, was that I did it as a benefit for breast cancer survivors and their families.  The money I collected from the shows was donated to The Breast Cancer Resource Center, an organization in the town I call home, Santa Barbara, CA.

Believe me, entertaining is fulfilling and I gained so much from the friends and family who shared their support over the years, but nothing compares to giving back to your community.   I am proud that I was able to find an outlet that allowed me to do what I do best, and share with others in a meaningful way.

If you are reading this, quite possibly, we met in one of those living rooms.  I am grateful to all of you for participating, making me feel welcomed, hollering on queue at all the high notes, and for continuing to listen today.  I encourage you to find your own way to share your unique talents with those who would benefit from them in any small or large way.

About “Buying A Cake

My Mama, Patsy.

I wrote a song Buying a Cake in honor of my mother who died of breast cancer when I was a teenager.  It is my way of celebrating the life of the most lovely person I’ve ever known.

Please download and enjoy the song being reminded of the brave people you know who have been touched by this disease.  I will donate 100% of the money I collect from the sales of Buying a Cake to breast cancer research.  It is my sincere hope that you will download it and pass this link to anyone and everyone you know, encouraging them to do the same.

Thank you.